Picture Above
Grace L.  Hudowalski #9, Mary Davis, Herb Lance, and A. T. Shorey
on the trail to Marcy, in the 1940s - photo by Edward C. Hudowalski #6



Here you will read about who we are, what we do, a list of the 46 peaks, instructions on how to register to become a recorded 46er and much more. The website also contains a schedule of club-sponsored events including its summer trail maintenance projects--in which you are welcome to participate even if you are not a 46er--as well as a history of the club, and a roster of all those who have completed and registered their climbs of the 46 High Peaks.

Climbing the 46 is about more than just receiving a patch for the accomplishment. It is a personal challenge that will reward you with memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. If you choose to take on the adventure, please climb safely, with concern for your fellow hikers and respect for the magnificent environment you have the privilege to explore.

Sally Hoy #2924W, President



The Correspondence Process has been a tradition within the 46ers since the club's conception. In order to move forward with the new climbing season approaching, modifications have been put in place. Please visit the How to Join section.


With the change in Canadian postage rates and some confusion with ordering multiple items, we have posted “Guidelines” for determining correct postage.  Members can find these new guidelines in the “MERCHANDISE” section of the webpage. (Click Here.)


Grace Peak Peak Naming: It's Official!


East Dix officially has been renamed “Grace Peak” in honor of Grace Hudowalski (#9), long-time historian for the 46ers and the first woman to climb the 46 High Peaks.  The United States Board of Geographic Names (USBGN) has approved the petition submitted by the Forty-Sixers to rename East Dix “Grace Peak.” The name designation was approved on June 12, 2014, at the monthly meeting of the USBGN. Read more...



Your 46er Contributions at Work, 2014-2015

This past fiscal year the 46er Board voted to contribute almost $52,000. to various agencies, individuals, and programs. This was financed by MEMBER DONATIONS of $43,218. Those of you who “tack on” a few dollars to your regular dues make funding these programs possible. Actually, members donated more in contributions than they paid in dues!

$6,000. ADK Mountain Club Pre-Season Trail Cleaning by Pro-Crew
5,100. Wildlife Conservation Society Bear Canister Program
10,000. ATIS – New Marcy Swamp Bog Bridging
10,000. ADK Trail Crew costs for Phase 1 improvements to the Mt. Colden trail.
3,998. Lean2 Rescue Program
200. The Nature Conservatory/ADK Land Trust
1,400. DEC Camps/sent four students from Ausable Forks.
300. Wilderness First Aid Tuition Program – 3 members

We have over 5,100 active members and another 400 “aspiring members” who contribute $8 a year. Your dues finance the work of the Treasurer’s Office ($17,807. supplies and mailings), Office of the Historian ($7,068.), Trailmaster Program ($2,518.), Peeks ($8,927.), and Outdoor Skills Workshop ($3,442.). Expenses not covered by dues are met through the sale of emblem items and books (a net gain of $5,551. this past year). The Board deeply appreciates the support we receive from you the members!


At the Fall meeting the following contributions were approved for next year:

$6,000. ADK Mountain Club Pre-Season Trail Cleaning by Pro-Crew
5,100. Wilderness Conservation Society Bear Canister Program
20,000. ADK Pro-Crew Work on the Mt. Colden trail/Phase 2
15,000. ADK Summit Steward Endowment – “#507 Fund”
200. The Nature Conservatory/ADK Land Trust
1,400. DEC Camps/send four campers.
???. Wilderness First Aid Tuition Program – $100 per member
???. Lean2 Rescue Program – Amount Pending Project Completion

$47,700 + APPROVED + pending Lean2 Rescue and First Aid Tuition Reimbursement


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New In Memoriam Page

We have established an In Memoriam Page where we will list the names and numbers of recently deceased members to honor their lives. Traditionally we have listed the names of our deceased members in PEEKS. While we will continue to do this, the In Memoriam Page will allow us to also post tributes, obituaries, and photos submitted by family, friends, and hiking partners.