Question 1: Have you created an account on this website?

If YES, and you are already logged in, skip to Question 2 below. Login first and return to this page if not already logged in. You must be logged in to your website account to continue. (If you can’t remember your username, use your email address to log in or reset your password.) Once logged in, skip to Question 2 below.

If NO, you need to create a website account first. You only need one website account, and there can only be one website account per unique email address on the ADK46er website. Please do not create another website account if you already have one.

You will have to validate your unique email address before completing your new website account. Go to this link: Create Website Account. All users of this website who want to become a Adirondack Forty-Sixer member (ADK46er), or who are already an Aspiring or finisher member, need one website account. If you already are an ADK46er member (have an existing Aspiring or Finisher member number), your member account will be linked to this website account, either immediately, or through a manual merge.

Note: You need a website account on this website to:

  • Pay/Renew dues for an existing membership.
  • Register as an Aspiring Member.
  • Register completion of all 46 High Peaks, and purchase emblem (logo) products from our store (once your member dues are recorded and up-to-date, and your website account is linked with your external member account).
  • Register as a new Winter Finisher.

You do not need a website account to purchase non-emblem products, or to donate, though you can create one for future ease of use.

Once you are logged in return to this page and go to Question 2.

QUESTION 2: What Do You Want To Do?

If you are already a registered ADK46er please don’t use the Aspiring or Three Seasons Finisher options. You only need to create your website account one time to use this website. You may not be able to purchase emblem items from the online store until your website account has been fully linked to your registered, external member account. Skip to Question 3, or Other Options, if applicable.

If you have not completed all 46 High Peaks, become an Aspiring Member. Please do not use this option if you’ve finished all 46 high peaks, or already have an existing member number. You must be logged in.

If you have completed all 46 High Peaks and not previously applied for your finisher member number, register as a Three Seasons Finisher Member. You must be logged in.

QUESTION 3: Register As A Winter 46er?

If you are already a registered ADK46er and have now completed all 46 high peaks during the Winter months (December 21st – March 21st), click this link to become a: Winter 46er Registration. You must be logged in.

Note: If you are already an ADK46er, when you create your website account make sure you enter your correct, existing 46er member number when creating your website account. Not doing so will delay connecting your website account with your external membership account. You should also have a website authorization code. Please enter that as well. You can always confirm your existing member number on our online Member Roster. This will speed up linking your website account to your existing 46er membership. A manual merge takes longer.

Other Options

You must be logged in to your website account before accessing the following options:

Pay Dues for Self or Another, or purchase a Lifetime Membership for Self or Another (non-subscription option)

Register Peaks Completion for Self or Someone Else