For years our “46er Correspondent Program” set the organization apart from all others. Hikers could request a correspondent through the Historian’s Office. The hiker and correspondent could exchange stories of climbs and receive encouragement during their quest to finish the 46. Unfortunately, due to an increase in hikers and finishers, we could no longer keep up with managing the paperwork involved with coordinating hikers and correspondents and maintaining the individual records and the program ended.

The 46ers subsequently decided to introduce a new correspondent program to allow interested hikers the opportunity to share their journey with experienced club members. Information about this program leaves the main website and can be accessed at If you wish to participate, simply click the Sign Up tab and fill out the easy form and submit it. A correspondent will be in touch. Log in and check the Hiker Portal tab as often as you like.

We currently have almost 100 wonderfully dedicated correspondents that are doing their share of giving back by being there to help guide Aspiring Forty-Sixers hikers through their journey.

And wow! The pictures we have! Thank you to so many of you that post pictures so we can see your progress as you you climb. Some of the photos have been used on our web site and also used in PEEKS magazine.

Please know that the Correspondents love hearing from Aspiring Forty-Sixers, the personal messages and the pictures. They are a wonderful resource and a great bunch of people. If you have the time, check out the LNT (Leave No Trace) videos that are posted on the website tab for more information. Click on Education Resources and the Know Before you Go drop down. When you are out there on the trails, remember that it’s the journey not the destination!

Be safe and good climbing!

For more information or if you have any questions, email Mark Simpson or Kristen Peek at

Mark Simpson #6038 and Kristen Peek #12410
Co-Chairs Correspondent Program