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Adirondack PEEKS is the biannual magazine of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers, Inc. The magazine includes information on club-sponsored events and service projects, articles about the history and natural environment of the High Peaks area, and stories about hiking adventures in the Adirondacks and beyond.

The first issue was produced in the winter of 1963-64 as a 16-page mimeographed newsletter. From that simple beginning PEEKS has evolved into a 40-plus page full color magazine. While the technical production quality of the publication has improved over the years, one thing hasn’t changed: The quality of the offering is dependent upon content which comes from you, the members and Aspiring Forty-Sixer members.

Submissions: We are looking for any and all submissions for PEEKS Magazine. Send us poetry, prose, hybrid pieces, ecological essays, historical essays, mountain haiku, stories of mountain culture, adventure, activism, backpacking recipes, meditations on rocks, rewilding efforts, preservation accounts, photo essays, inspiration pieces on leave no trace, and anything 46er! Please include citations and acknowledgements when appropriate. Suggested length for prose: 1500-2000 words. Send all submissions to:

We are currently accepting submissions of any creative endeavor that spotlights the cultural, ecological, geological and/or historical significance of a 46er mountain. We are looking for anything from academic discourse and socio-political critique to life and hiking culture on the trail. Send your work with “Mountain Spotlight” in the subject line to:

Special Call: MOSS IN WINTER
Now asking for photo submissions: “Moss in Winter” (send high-resolution images to: Please ‘Leave No Trace’ though teach us something about Adirondack moss!

PEEKS Magazine invites submissions for “The Gear Corner” – simply review a piece of gear! This could be an essential piece of gear, something perhaps unnecessary, not worth the pricetag, or maybe just a secret something you love to have on the trail. Send reviews of 400-700 words (with a photo) and “Gear Corner” in the subject line to:

Please also consider sending PEEKS your photos, whether or not you have an article to go along with them. Here are some guidelines for article and photo submissions:


Suggested length: 1,500 – 2,500 words. Please expect that some editing may occur. Send articles to Peeks editor David Crews at


Please send photos if you have them, (including the name of the person who took each photo so proper credit can be given) at the highest resolution possible for best results in the finished product. JPEGS and TIFF formats are preferred. If the size of the files exceeds what your email server will permit, consider sharing them with us via a site like Dropbox or One Drive.

If you’ve never seen an issue of PEEKS, click here to view a few pages from a recent issue.

In the Merchandise page, you can also buy a CD of back issues of PEEKS from 1964 to 2009. Click on the images below to sample a few of the early issues of PEEKS.

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In the Merchandise page, you can also buy a CD of Back Issues of “PEEKS Magazine”.

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