Exhibit features Grace Hudowalski

The Adirondack History Museum and Essex County Historical Society are presenting a special exhibit on 46er #9, Grace Hudowalski. “Grace Hudowalski and the Mountains We Climb” will open at the Museum in Elizabethtown, NY, on Saturday, June 7th. The exhibit tells the story of mid-20th century Adirondack recreation, highlighting Grace Hudowalski, a founding 46er and the first woman to climb the 46 High Peaks of the Adirondack Mountains. Her lifelong passion for the mountains and her devotion to the 46ers are legendary. She was the long-time historian of the organization and wrote thousands of inspiring personal letters to climbers during their quest to become 46ers. Many of the exhibit artifacts, including her manual typewriter, hiking clothing and boots, and photos, are on loan from the Adirondack 46R Conservation Trust and will be on display through mid-October. Plan to visit the Essex County Historical Society the next time you are hiking in the area and experience a part of 46er history. For directions to the museum go to: www.adkhistorycenter.org/pla/planavisit.html

some of grace's artifacts
Some of Grace’s artifacts

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