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Greetings potential 2024 volunteers,
Training dates for 2024 have been determined. 4/21/24, 5/18/24, & 6/23/24. Prior to training you must first complete the sexual harassment course and send the certificate and a screen shot of the policy sheet to

Fill out the DEC VSA form and bring to training.

Please review the you tube videos below prior to training.

We need from your 46er#, shirt size, email address, cell phone # and mailing address. I will ask you to pick a training date in the future unless you have already determined the date. Please send them to

We look forward to seeing you at one of the training sessions.

Joe Ryan #3787V

Sexual Harassment Training

Adirondack 46ers Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment Policy

Individual VSA Form for NYSDEC for ADK-46ers

Looking for a way to give back to the mountains? Become an ADK 46er Steward!

The 46er Trailhead Steward Program (TSP) is a collaborative effort involving the Adirondack 46ers, the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The program focuses on “education, conservation and information” to/for the general hiking public, in an effort to improve the sustainability of the High Peaks trails and improve the hiking experience for all.

trailhead steward patch

Beginning in June 2017, 46er volunteer Trailhead Stewards were stationed at the Cascade Trailhead on Route 73 (between Keene and Lake Placid) on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (through Columbus Day), between the hours of 8AM and 4 PM. Our volunteers (2-4 scheduled each day) spoke with those heading out (and returning from) their hike regarding DEC rules and regulations, “Leave No Trace” hiking principles, and safety/preparedness concerns.

Over the course of the season, our volunteers encountered more than 13,000 human hikers and more than 600 canine hikers at the trailhead. They provided information on rules and regulations (such as dogs on leash), alternate hikes, hiking safety and preparedness, preservation of the resource…and yes…even how to properly dispose of poop!

To become a 46er Trailhead Steward, you must be a registered/completed 46er, complete a one-day training program, and be willing/able to volunteer at least two full days during the season. These days can be two consecutive days (a weekend, for example), or they can be single days on different weekends. And, of course, you can volunteer as many days as you like! An added bonus is that TSP volunteers receive 8 hours of Conservation Service Award credit for each day served and one hour for taking the sexual harassment course (see below).

Interested in joining us? Please email Joe Ryan, (#3787) TSP volunteer coordinator, at the email shown below.

Meet you at the trailhead!

Joe Ryan
Volunteer Coordinator
46er Trailhead Steward Program

Sexual Harassment Training & Policy

Please take note that in 2020, the 46er Executive Board of Directors adopted a new Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment policy. ALL volunteers will now be required to take the approved sexual harassment online training AND sign the 46er Code of Conduct and Sexual Harassment policy annually*** PRIOR to participating in any volunteer activities.

If you are considering volunteering, please allow yourself enough time to complete the training, which takes approximately 45-50 minutes, so that information can be submitted and entered into our database for reference at each event. Training certificates and signed policies will not be accepted by leaders at events. The Executive Board approved that you will earn 1 hour toward your Volunteer Service Award (VSA) for completing the online training once both your certificate of training completion and signed policy is submitted. Screenshots of training certificates AND signed policies must be sent to Volunteer Coordinators AND emailed directly to our database coordinator at

The link to the approved online training and policy can be found here: We have adopted this policy to protect not only our wonderful and dedicated volunteers, but also the organization that we love. We appreciate your efforts to give back to the mountains.

Recommended Hikes Outside The High Peaks

Click Recommended Hikes Outside the Adirondack High Peaks for the English language PDF download version.

Click Recommended Hikes Outside the Adirondack High Peaks – French (Randonnées Recommendées Au Lieu Des Adirondack High Peaks) for the French language PDF download version.

Thank You Yvon Daigle #6264 for French Translation of LNT, hikeSafe Materials!

The trailhead steward program gratefully acknowledges the time and effort of Yvon Daigle #6264 for translating the LNT and hikeSafe materials into French for us. The numbers of visitors to the Cascade Trailhead that were French speaking encouraged us to seek someone who could translate this important information. Yvon willingly volunteered to spend his time preparing the documents for distribution at the trailhead. We thank him for his time and effort in making this happen.