What is an ADK 46er? 
An ADK 46er refers to an individual who has climbed all 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks! This is often referred to as the regular or 3 season round.

What is a Winter 46er? 
An ADK Winter 46er refers to an individual who has climbed all 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks during the winter season (December 21 to March 21 inclusive).

What is an Aspiring Forty-Sixer? 
An Aspiring Forty-Sixer refers to anyone actively working on climbing all 46 high peaks who has registered with our organization and pays annual dues.

We encourage anyone who has hiked all 46 high peaks to register for their certificate and climbing number.

What is the Office of the Historian?
The Office of the Historian is responsible for maintaining all hiker correspondence and officially recognizing new 46ers. Grace Hudowalski, 46er #9, was both our first President and our first Historian, a position she held for 59 years. Grace acted as the Historian from the founding of our organization until her death on March 13, 2004 at the age of 98. She always took pride in personally corresponding with those climbing the 46 high peaks from her home office until it became apparent that she needed help in order for the tradition to continue. For many years after Grace’s death, the Office of the Historian was run out of a small, back room office in Schenectady, NY by Tony Solomon, 46er #3626W and his wife, Jane Meader Nye, 46er #4142 with the help of Mindy Jatulis, 46er #2383 and many wonderful correspondents who helped to keep Grace’s tradition of personally corresponding with aspiring climbers alive. In recent years, the sheer number of climbers working toward the goal of achieving climbing all 46 high peaks has increased exponentially. In April 2013, the original correspondent system ended. In August 2013, Tony and Jane retired from their rolls as the acting Historians. Lee Nesbitt, 46er #5931W and Siobhan Carney-Nesbitt, 46er #5930W took on the roll to follow in the footsteps of Grace, Tony and Jane. Due to the increased number of new hikers, the correspondent system was resurrected with the hopes of providing hiker education. While the tradition of corresponding with each climber is no longer a process that is directly overseen by the Office of the Historian, we hope that climbers realize that we are here for you. We take pride in your accomplishments. We recognize that climbing the highest summits of NY is more than just a walk in the park. It takes commitment, endurance, and courage, and we leave parts of ourselves out on those trails that change us forever.

Is PEEKS magazine available to Non-Climbers?
YES!  Interested non-members may become “Contributing Members” of the club.  As such, they will receive Peeks Magazine and our 3 yearly newsletters.  The cost is $10 a year.

What gets recorded?
We record all 3 season and winter climbing achievements. We do not advocate, collect or publicize records involving time, number of rounds climbed, age, or any other arbitrary goal. We encourage you to climb for your personal satisfaction.

Do the 46ers lead guided hikes?
No. We do not organize or lead guided hikes. However, the Adirondack Mountain Club has a number of very active climbing chapters that plan hikes on a regular basis. You may consider becoming an ADK Club member so you can join some of these hikes and meet new hiking friends! For more information about hikes and member benefits check out the ADK Website.

What if I climbed all 46 high peaks a number of years ago, but I did not register at the time?
It’s not too late. While we do not backdate climbing numbers, if you complete and submit the necessary paperwork, we will include you in the current year’s class. You will receive your climbing number and certificate with the current year’s class. Please refer to our How to become a Registered ADK 46er section for more details.

Do my winter climbs also count towards my regular/3 season round of the 46?
Yes. Winter climbs also count towards your “regular/3 season” round of the 46.

When will I see my name and climbing number on the online roster?
“New Class” roster along with assigned 46er climbing numbers is usually posted on our website by late March or early April. Be sure to refresh your browser when you open the page to make sure you are picking up any changes that may have occurred since your last visit.

When is the Spring Gathering AND when do I receive my Climbing certificate?
The Spring Gathering is traditionally held on MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND in the high peaks area. Certificates of accomplishment are presented during the event to those who attend. For those not able to attend, certificates will be mailed soon after the May event. Details regarding the spring event will be sent to you in the Spring Newsletter (sent in early April). Included in the newsletter is a reservation form for the event. The event is approximately $30.00 per person. This cost includes your dinner and additional costs for us to reserve the facility. Reservations are required. Please check the newsletter for the reservation deadline. Space is limited.

How do I create my website account?
Instructions: How to Create Your Website Account (PDF)

How do I pay my dues online?
Instructions: Paying Your Dues Correctly Online (PDF)

What if I have a Question?
Questions or concerns about the registration process or receiving your number and climbing certificate? Please contact Lee and Siobhan Nesbitt by email or mail:

The Office of the Historian
Adirondack Forty-Sixers
P.O. Box 46
Fort Edward, NY 12828