• If sending photos to the Office of the Historian by mail, please note the following:

Send actual photo prints… not ones printed on regular copier paper or embedded in text on your home printer.

***Important!!!! If sending photos please identify who took the picture, hiker names, the date, and the location on a post-it-note or a piece of paper taped to the back.

***Do not send photos on cd, memory cards, removable pen drives, etc., as they can’t be accepted or returned.

  • If sending photos to the Office of the Historian by email, please note the following:

Photos can be sent in most file formats, although jpg and tif are preferred.

***Do not send photos as pdf’s. Do not send links to Internet photo sharing sites such as Flickr.

Please submit photos in the highest possible resolution. The standard for print is 300 dpi. Most smartphones use 72 dpi as a default. Digital cameras should be set to highest quality or largest size. You cannot increase resolution after the fact. A large version of a low-resolution photo will have too many digital artifacts to use in print.

Email to: 46rphoto@gmail.com

***Any Photos received are the property of the Adirondack Forty-Sixers and may be submitted for publication in our PEEKS magazine, use on our website, in print, and/or social media