Outdoor Skills Workshop

ATTENTION: Those interested in learning more about safe and responsible use of the Adirondack wilderness; in particular, those looking to lead groups or wishing to expand their personal knowledge and skill.

Claire Guyer - Mealtime Saturday
Claire – Mealtime Saturday
Julia Garro - Peter Fish and his beaver friend speak about drinking water safety
Julia – Peter Fish and his beaver friend speak about drinking water safety

Larysa Murray - The of 2024
Larysa – The class of 2024
Wendy Kurlowicz - On the trail up Mt Jo
Wendy – On the trail up Mt Jo

Francis Farge - A happy cook group atop Jo
Francis – A happy cook group atop Jo

The Outdoor Skills Workshop is an intensive weekend with the mission of introducing new and experienced hikers to the breadth of knowledge and skill needed to successfully recreate in the Adirondacks. The weekend features a very full agenda from 7 pm Friday to 2 pm Sunday with seminars, lectures, and hands-on activities. Participants are organized as small cook groups who eat, camp, and hike together throughout the weekend in the care of experienced 46ers; all of this happens outdoors rain, shine, or snow. Part of the weekend’s activities includes a hike up Mt Jo (vertical ascent approx. 210 meters/710 feet, 40-60 min one way). The program is aimed at an adult audience with a wide range of experience, fostering a climate of informal mutual learning in addition to the more formal scheduled sessions. At the end of the weekend participants receive a certificate of participation and a specially-designed patch, as well as a broadened understanding of what hiking in the Adirondacks encompasses.

Sponsored By: THE ADIRONDACK FORTY-SIXERS. The Forty-Sixers are a non-profit organization of those who have climbed the 46 major peaks of the Adirondacks. The Outdoor Skills Workshop is provided as a public service to all who are interested in utilizing the Adirondacks in safety and stewardship.