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ADK 46r Trail Crew – Women Only Weekend 2021 July 17-18

Trail Crew Volunteers

One of the necessities of doing business or volunteering in New York State is the requirement to have sexual harassment policies and training in place. Use the link in the Form to access the training. Hit the “Take the Online Training” link on the left-hand side of the screen to begin the training and make sure to send the certificate of completion back to: and CC in

You will receive an hour of training credit for doing this (though it generally takes less than 45 minutes).

Again and most importantly, THANK YOU once again for so generously giving of your time to do the work of the 46ers. You are the backbone of this organization, the heart and soul of this mighty group of hikers! The time you give back to the mountains is truly appreciated.

The base forms that need to be filled out are also attached to this email.

Thank you!

— The Adirondack 46er Trail Masters: Mark Simpson, Doug Varney, Mary Lamb, Curt Snyder, Brian Hoody, Michele McCall, Victoria Challingsworth

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Volunteer Service Award Program

One of the 46ers primary Conservation Programs is the performance of volunteer trail work with the permission of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Our Trailmasters arrange a yearly schedule of activities which is announced each spring. Both members and Aspiring Forty-Sixers are encouraged to participate.

In conjunction with this program the Board has created the Volunteer Service Award program. The Recognition Committee maintain records of time spent by volunteers which qualifies the participants for recognition at various levels of service – 46 hours, 146 hours, 346 hours, 546 hours, 746 hours, and 1046 hours.