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Laurie Rankin #5525W, President 

Sometimes you see us called the Adirondack Forty Sixers. Sometimes you see us called the Adirondack 46ers and sometimes, just the 46ers. I call this organization G-E-N-E-R-O-U-S. As you look through our web page you will see an all volunteer organization who does trail maintenance, trailhead stewarding, holds annual Outdoor Skills Workshops, does litter pick up, provides a correspondent program to mentor new aspiring 46ers, gives scholarships to children in DEC camps, provides a newsletter 3 times a year and a magazine twice a year, donated bear canisters for area rental programs and provides educational materials and information to all. I am certain I have left out a few volunteer items. Each of these volunteer programs are organized and managed by volunteers.

Our members are also extremely generous in their financial contributions to the 46er organization. We pass these contributions on to others. See our 46ers Donation Summary document that breakdowns our donations over the past 20 years – nearly ¾ of a million dollars worth! 

In addition to our organizations generosity, we are grateful to community members who also provide us with support; Tmax and Topos, Town of Keene, Mountaineer, Frontier Town, Blue Line Brewery, Paradox Brewery, Kimmel Services, and more! 

We encourage you to consider how you can climb a mountain, enjoy the view, and also participate in the generosity of the Adirondack 46ers in some manner. The rewards of all three are amazing! 


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