Winter 46er Information

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Hikers who have climbed the 46 peaks in winter (December 21-March 21) and who have recorded their ascents with the Office of the Historian receive winter recognition and are entitled to wear the Winter 46-R rocker patch. Only those who are in excellent physical condition, properly equipped and skilled in winter techniques should attempt this, as winter climbing can be demanding and exhausting. Parents should be particularly careful in assessing the abilities of their children. It helps when winter hiking, to be familiar with the peaks, the weather, the hazards and to climb with a group of experienced winter hikers. A good place to start is by attending the ADK’s Winter Mountaineering School.

Due to the ever increasing popularity of year around climbing the Adirondack Mountains we have opted for a one and only Member Roster combining data previously found in both. Updating two lists became not only cumbersome but resulted in numerous errors.

Registered 46ers Finishing Their Winter Round:

If you are already a registered 46er and you complete your Winter 46, please create your web account first, if you haven’t already done so. Login to your website account before continuing with registration. If you don’t, you will be assigned a second 46er number since the system thinks you are a new climber. The 46ers do NOT assign a second number to winter finishers, rather a W is placed after your current climbing number. See: New Member or Register Peaks for more information. See the “How to Create Your Account” document for website account creation help.

Registering A 3-Season Or Winter Completion:

  • Existing Member Registering as a Winter Finisher:
    • Create, register/validate your web account if you don’t already have a website account (you only need one).
    • Sign-in to your registered web account.
    • Go to “Winter 46er Peaks Registration.” (You must be logged in to your website account.)
    • You will be sent an email acknowledgement.
  • New (first-time) Finisher:
    • First register/validate yourself in the system.
    • Sign-in with your registered web account.
    • Go to “Winter 46er Peaks Registration.” (You must be logged in to your website account.)
    • You will be emailed a 46er number upon completion.

A complete list of all recorded FORTY-SIXERS, including their climbing number, name, and dates of first and last ascent, and when applicable will be found a W next to the recorded number as well as the date of the winter status acquisition (both highlighted in blue): HERE.

Complete statistics on Adirondack Forty-Sixers,
including Winter Forty-Sixers

Click HERE for number of Adirondack Forty-Sixers recorded each year since 1925 and of Winter Forty-Sixers since 1962.

First recorded Forty-Sixers  First recorded Winter Forty-Sixers 
Herb K. Clark #16/10/1925 Edgar B. Bean #92W3/10/1962
George Marshall #26/10/1925 James W. Collins #183W3/16/1963
Robert Marshall #36/10/1925 David A. Vermilyea # 342W3/16/1968
P. F. Loope #49/1933 Elwin Bigelow #157W2/15/1969
Herbert L. Malcolm #56/8/1935 Richard Stetson #523W3/16/1969
Edward C. Hudowalski #69/13/1936 Harry Eldridge #90W12/31/1969
Ernest R. Ryder #79/13/1936 Fred Hunt #593W3/17/1970
Orville C. Gowie #88/25/1937 N. Clark Gittinger #103W2/22/1971
Grace L. Hudowalski #98/26/1937 Richard Chrenko #118W3/18/1971
C. H. Nash #1028/8/1937 Guy Waterman #670W3/21/1971